Prophecy on Kenya by Prophet Maged Gimian

God Judgment Prophecy on Kenya and Kenya Grace Period
God Judgment Prophecy on Kenya and Kenya Grace Period

God Judgment Prophecy on Kenya uttered in Arabic by Prophet Maged Gimian, from Egypt, at ICCIPE hall, Nairobi, Kenya, On April 28th 2007

Translated word by word by Dr. Nabil Morcos into English


“The Lord gave me the scroll, and said to me “Eat it”, so I ate it, and it was sweet in my mouth but bitter in my belly.

Then the Lord said to me, “Prophesy now over people, tongues, nations and tribes. I have called you to Kenya, as I have called Jonah my servant, to convey the gospel of grace before the eternal gospel which is full of judgment to my people in Kenya. This is the time of grace, the time of acceptance and the time of salvation; the time when epochs will change. I’ve sent you to them, to my people in Kenya, because I love them, so that they won’t lose their history and their destiny as a nation.

This is a very difficult time over the whole world, for I have put in the heart of the beast that is coming out of Hades to wipe out peoples, nations and tribes from existence.

(Some) nations will be crushed away completely. Old political borders will be removed in (various) geographical areas, to be replaced by new political borders. Old political systems will collapse, resulting in economical destruction to many nations.

Some nations which have been starved will be satisfied, but only at the expense of the destruction of other nations. Other satisfied nations will get hungry to the mercy of God and to the loaf of bread.

International and regional Political plans and coalitions will change, and the assistance coming from dependence on Babylon and its power will collapse.

(Some) nations will fall down once they see their great symbols (leaders) break down in front of their eyes. Construction of many towers of Babylon will come to a stop; and nations, tribes, homes and families will divide and break up, and the brother will kill his brother in a spirit of ecstasy (religious radicalism) to bring victory to the beast and to Babylon which is carried by the power of the satanic beast.

This is the time of the judgment of God on all those nations and people which have submitted to the spirit of Babylon. They will be destroyed by the beast. Yet I’ve put in his heart to accomplish my own purposes.

I am the chastiser of nations, am I ignorant? I am the chastiser of nations, for I have made and formed the nations; can I then be ignorant? For they have despised me! They call my name upon themselves but only my name without their wholehearted obedience. (Therefore) I will severely shake nations , and many civilizations will vanish away. Yet my mercy won’t be removed from them.

God Judgment Prophecy on Kenya

This is why I’ve sent you to Kenya, for I have given Kenya a short (grace) period to recognize the time of her visitation by the Lord, for this is the time of Kenya’s visitation, for I have loved Kenya, and the blood of its saints who were martyred is still screaming in my ears. Yet, here is the patience of the saints and their faith.

I have loved Kenya, therefore I’ll grant her a (grace) period of 10 years starting from today, to repent and turn back; for my people to repent from deception, crookedness , and maliciousness; from worldly ways and agendas, and from sordid / shameful gain.

I am calling my people to repent.

Let your leaders climb up with me to the mountain of Olives, to Gethsemane and let them shed blood instead of tears, so that I won’t wipe away my people in Kenya and allow them to be taken to captivity and their land given away to another nation.

Let the political, economic and spiritual leaders of Kenya proclaim that Kenya is for Christ; yes, Kenya is for me, and not for strangers. Kenya is currently governed by a strange economic power, for all its wealth goes to strangers.

What a pity that my beloved people in Kenya are poor, eating the crumbs like dogs from the tables of their masters. I have blessed the land of Kenya, but its wealth is in the hands of strangers. Those strangers govern Kenya economically by exercising an evil spiritual power, emanating from the spirit of Babylon and spirit of the beast. They control everything, yet from behind the scenes.

Let my people turn back to me so that I may have mercy on them from all strangers and evil people. Fear God, ye spiritual leaders of my people in Kenya. Why are you craving after the love of money? There is great abundance in my heavenly stores for you. Be sanctified, get purified and call upon the Lord so that I may heal your land and raise the dead.

You will then witness the generation of my miracles and signs, and you will then witness the acts of Elijah and his power when it sweeps upon this country, exposing and destroying all the principality of Jezebel; defeating and killing the prophets of Baal; and destroying all idolatrous worship.

You will then witness – from the east, west, north and south- my prophets who are carried by the wind of the spirit of Elijah, restoring the hearts of Kenyans to one another, so that the Lord will raise new families who are sanctified, purified and healed, and who will form a great nucleus for a new generation that the Lord will create to restore Kenya, lest my judgment comes upon you.

I love you, so help me to lift you up. Come close to me (1st) and I will come closer. Don’t touch my anointed ones. Don’t kill my prophets. Release the generation of Elijahs and I will then encourage you.

I am reminding you one more time: I have given you a grace period of ten years starting from now, Apr 2007 (NB. to end Apr 2017), so that you restore Kenya to me.

If you won’t raise the heroes (Elijahs), Kenya will fall down in a progressive series of a very steep decline in the form of disasters, starvations, wars, with the end result that Kenya will fall down and be given to another- (first), and vanish away from existence with no salvation – (second).

Beware, for if Kenya falls down, many other nations will fall down and vanish away by the vanishing of Kenya -3rd.

Beware of the strangers amidst you, and from the stranger and false prophet who is coming these days, bringing to you the law / code ( Sharia) of the gentiles and not my law, in order to govern maliciously and wilily.

I will have mercy upon you says the Lord.

The Lord showed me that Kenyans are kindhearted and generous, but there their land is being exploited – 4th. Listen, Oh people of Kenya. You are not slaves in this land. You are the owners of this land. God wants to restore the wealth of this land to you.

The Lord showed me another thing about Kenya: How can the church in Kenya send out missionaries as long as it is lingering in poverty, and the wealth of the country is not owned by the church – 5th? The Lord, therefore, tells you: Restore the wealth of this land to you. The Lord warns you from the stranger, but not from the refugee. There is a stranger who is governing you via a strange spiritual economical satanic power. Time has come to see great ( Kenyan) Christian businessmen who would govern the economy of Kenya instead of the stranger.

Then there is another stranger that is already coming to Kenya. It is another strange religious power – 6th which has no spiritual history in this land, yet it is now invading Kenya in a very subtle and secretive way. (Those words were given to me by the Lord before I’ve ever met any person from Kenya).

The destiny of Kenya is in your hands. The destiny of East Africa and many other African nations, including the destiny of Egypt is in your hands. Don’t ever say “I am a despised nation “Or “I am a small nation”, for the Lord has his own laws: He chooses the despised and the those who are not, to nullify those who are”.

God bless you