My Journey Inside Hell (Vision of Hell)

My Journey Inside Hell (Vision of Hell)
My Journey Inside Hell (Vision of Hell)

This is my journey inside hell (vision of hell) as revealed in the morning hours of 25th September 2017.

My Journey Inside Hell (Vision of Hell)

Many things were spoken and revealed then a voice said,

We must show you hell’

And immediately before my eyes were the chambers of hell

The chambers were many and below them a blue fire

Each chamber had a metal different than the other

As you go down from one chamber to another, the metals were according to their combustion – as you go down, the fire increased

I saw all metals in the chambers many yet to be known by humans

At chamber number 3 was Magnesium (search how Magnesium burns)

And I asked myself, if magnesium is in chamber 3, what about the combustion and fire of the metal in chamber 15?

As I watched, souls were placed on the first chamber which was fully engulfed with fire

And it was revealed to me that Satan lies to the souls that if they obey him and do what he commands they will be taken from where they are to a better place therefore the souls do what they can to be taken out of chamber one only for them to be placed in chamber 2 with more fire than the first

And this continues day in day out, year in year out, moving from one chamber to another as Satan lies to them that the chamber they are is worse, the next place is good with reward only to move from one fire intensity to another

When you disobey Satan, you are taken out from whichever chamber you are and taken back to chamber one to start again being lied that at the end you will be released out of that place which never happens

(This is the same lie Satan lies to humans on earth, that if you follow his ways, ways of world and men, you will come out of where you are to a better place of riches, fame, peace and prosperity only to move from one curse to another worse, from sickness to another worse, from poverty to more poverty, etc, and at the end you perish – go to hell)

Then the voice said unto me,

As Jesus Christ has His bride, so does hell’

The fire chambers that contain fire with different metals according to their combustion is ‘the wife’. Then I was taken to see ‘the husband’

And the voice said unto me

‘The husband is called Beelzebub’

Beelzebub are many chambers with Satan works (tasks) to do and down the chambers was a blue fire

I saw the last two chambers before the fire and they were written, ‘SACRIFICE’, ‘SACRIFICE’

And the voice said unto me,

In these 2 chambers the souls sacrifice what Satan commands’

And it was revealed that the sacrifice Satan commands is beyond the souls thus the souls fail and are taken back to chamber one to start again

And the voice said unto me,

No one ever passes the ‘SACRIFICE’ chambers reason they are 2 for Satan asks what is beyond the souls’

It is a cycle which takes day after day, year after year, with no end, Satan lying to you that where you are is worse, the next is better only to realize its worse

The voice also said unto me,

‘No soul ever gets out of the chambers of hell’

(The gospel of sacrifices and offerings is a gospel of hell, of Satan reason today so-called-churches are pushing for this gospel. God does not ask for sacrifices and offerings from humanity at this grace period for He Sacrificed and offered His only Begotten Son reason it is written, ‘Sacrifice and offering you did not desire Psalms 40:6, Heb 10)

Beelzebub is the place of torture – these are chambers of torture and all tasks on these chambers carry torture

Both the chambers of fire and Beelzebub are one – as fire consumes you which is never quenched (Mk 9), you are being tortured and this never stops

Hell is real

Jesus Christ is LIFE – obey His Commands and His Voice

Repent for your soul – Say, I repent Lord Jesus Christ, forgive me my sins and my forefather’s sins and wash me with the Blood you shed on the Cross. If you truly repent, turn away from sin – sin no more (John 8:11)

Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand