Difference Between Prophecy and Spirit of Divination

Difference Between Prophecy and Spirit of Divination
Difference Between Prophecy and Spirit of Divination

What is the difference between prophecy and spirit of divination? Large percentage of what is operating in the church today in the name of prophecy is divination.

Spirit of divination is of the kingdom of darkness – an abomination to God

There shall not be found among you any one that makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that uses divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD (Deut 18:10-12)

See spirit of divination is a Satanic Spirit

Difference Between Prophecy and Spirit of Divination

When God reveals in a dream or vision it is for 4 main purposes;

  1. Call to repentance
  2. Call you to stand in the gap
  3. Point direction
  4. God revealing His Will

When God sends you to a person through a dream or a vision, it is for 3 main purposes;

  1. Reveal the kingdom of heaven to the person for his/her believe and faith in Jesus Christ to grow
  2. Call the individual to repentance
  3. Point direction to the person. See why you need a prophet

Spirit of divination is for 3 main purposes;

  1. For gain – money, material wealth, fame, show-off, titles, etc
  2. To lead people to kingdom of darkness and its practices like witchcraft and its different forms which are operating in the church today – one of them being incantation – speaking Bible verse upon yourself
  3. Separate you from Christ Jesus

Let’s study this spirit in depth;

Prophecy vs Spirit of Divination

  • Prophecies of spirit of divination

The Spirit of divination prophecies;

1. Do not reveal the Will of God

In dreams and visions, God reveals His Will – His Will upon you, upon a nation or a people.

People with spirit of divination foretell, dream dreams and see visions but in all these there is no Will of God. Example;

You have heard people prophesy that this and that person will become the president of this and that nation but in their prophecies there is no answer to the question; why that person must be president or what God will achieve/do through him.

God does not do things without a purpose – A Will. When He speaks He reveals His Will. See a prophet does not only prophecy but reveals God Will.

God did not just say I will destroy Sodom and Gomorrah but through Abraham the Prophet, God revealed why (Gen 19). God did not just reveal Donald Trump as the president of America but what He will do through him. See Donald Trump President of USA prophecy

Spirit of divination has no God Will but Satan Will.

2. Not inline with TRUTH

Word of God, be it a prophecy, must be inline with the Truth – inline with who God is.

Spirit of divination prophecies are not inline with the TRUTH – Jesus Christ. Remember there is a difference between Jesus Christ (TRUTH) and the Bible.


You have heard people prophesy of a woman president in US 2016. The question is; can Jesus Christ choose a woman to lead a nation and men? No! Why? Because it is written, ‘the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man’ (1 Cor 11:3) . See a woman must not lead men

What if God allows a woman to lead men, what is His Will? Since it’s an abomination for a woman to lead a man, if a woman leads men that is God decreeing judgement upon that house, church, people or nation. Any abominable thing to God is a revelation of judgment.

When the spirit of divination prophesies of a woman president, they go on to prophesy prosperity – it’s a lie; not inline with the TRUTH!

You have seen this spirit of divination go to women and prophecy to them that they will lead a very big ministry – it is Satan speaking.

You have seen the spirit go to women and prophesy to them prosperity in their so-called-careers, business, etc – was a woman created to toil? This is Satan speaking and these are the doors to spiritual husband.

There are systems of the world that are not of the Kingdom of heaven and Satan comes with the spirit of divination to lead you to them, e.g. bars and alcohol industry, beauty industry, insurance, loans, fashion industry, music and entertainment including the gospel entertainment, etc. If you are in these systems you should be repenting and asking God to lead you out of them.

Spirit of divination is used by Satan to speak to you and take you from the Will of God to the Will of Satan – to doing the works of the kingdom of darkness.

Know Jesus Christ well and you will be differentiating prophecy and divination.

3. Spirit of Divination prophecies the ordinary

There is a difference between the ordinary and extra-ordinary.


When a person goes to a woman who is in childbearing age and tells her she will bear a child that is not prophecy – that is ordinary and it’s what spirit of divination does. But if you go to a barren woman, faced many miscarriages, womb removed, with fibroids, past child-bearing age, etc and tell her that she will bear a son and it comes to pass – that is prophecy from God.

When a person comes to you and tells you will be buy a car and he knows you are able to buy it – that is not prophecy but foretelling the ordinary and it is what spirit of divination does. But if a person goes to a very poor man with no food housing and clothing, not able to afford a car and tells him tomorrow you will have a car and it comes pass – that is Word of God.

When you have a disease or sickness and a person comes and prophesies to you healing – that is divination. Healing is not prophesied – in the Kingdom of heaven, we lay hands on the sick and they get healed in the Name of Jesus.

Spirit of divination foretells what is ordinary, naturally occurring events, while God speaks the extra-ordinary. See what is ordinary is not a miracle and wonder

Spirit of divination tells you what you want to hear. If what a person speaks to you in the name of prophecy you can attain it through your own efforts, that is not from God but if it is beyond you, beyond your reach, it is of God.

4. Lacks Long term prophecies – prophecies which takes years and centuries to come to pass

Spirit of divination is of Satan. Satan lacks patience therefore in him no long time prophecies which takes years and centuries to pass. See salvation is a marathon not a sprint

Because of lack of patience, every prophecy of spirit of divination is short timed – they only speak of ordinary things taking very short time to fulfill then run to tell you of prophecy fulfillment.

It’s only in Jesus Christ you will find prophecies which take years and millions of years to fulfill.


Isaiah, many years ago foretold the coming of Jesus on earth and it took many years to come to pass and even by the time Jesus was on earth Isaiah was not. Isaiah foretold the Great tribulation Period, End of the world, et, which today are yet to be come to pass.

Hosea, many years ago prophesied the salvation of entire Israel which is yet to come to pass

Daniel, many years ago foretold the end of the world and its wars so is Jeremiah, the prophecies are yet to come to pass

John the apostle foretold the entire end of the world including the 2 witnesses, Armageddon battle, the Antichrist, etc which are yet to come to pass.

Through Joshua, Jesus Christ has revealed the picture of the Armageddon battle, rapture, animal kingdom rising against humanity, etc

Patience is one character of God and His servants especially the prophets which Satan, his priesthood and all his people lack.

5. Counter God Prophets

Spirit of divination is a spirit of Satan whose work is to counter Jesus Christ prophets.

When Jeremiah prophesied of Israel 70 years captivity in Babylon, Hananiah who had spirit of divination countered Jeremiah and prophesied peace.

When the prophets of God are all speaking in one direction, all Satan servants speak the opposite.


From the year 2005 up to today (2018), prophets of Jesus Christ has being speaking of judgment to Kenya but the spirit of divination has been speaking prosperity. Even last year 2017 Kenya election, when God prophets all over the world were speaking of judgment and bloodshed in Kenya, spirit of divination spoke peace.

Spirit of divination will prophecy peace and prosperity in US while God prophets call America to return back to God and reveal war.

That is the work of spirit of divination – to bring confusion and lead people to rebellion (Jer 28:15-17)

6. Creates enmity and hatred

Spirit of divination purpose is to kill destroy and steal (John 10:10). It creates enmity and hatred between you, the people close to you and humanity. Remember hating is killing.

Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that any murderer does not have eternal life (1 John 3:15). See also Mt 5.

You have heard people who have been told that their own biological mother is the one bewitching them or it is this and that person – this is spirit of divination creating enmity between you and your own mother or other people.

We, servants of Kingdom of heaven know that it is Satan killing stealing and destroying not a human being because the battle is not of flesh and blood (Eph 6:12) but the kingdom of darkness tells you that it is another human being causing your curses stagnation and affliction. This is what every priest of darkness does including Jezebel, marine kingdom, witches, wizards, etc.

When you hear a person blaming and accusing another person that is for indeed he is the accuser (Rev 12:10). Satan is a spirit in people.

7. Leads you to Rebellion and shuts your open doors

Through their foretelling, the spirit of divination leads you to rebellion, to kingdom of darkness and shuts your open doors – it curses you.

They will come to you and tell you, ‘you are called to serve God in music’. As they say ‘in music’, whatever they are putting in your mind is ‘gospel-entertainment’ which is part of their kingdom – kingdom of darkness.

Or they tell you, ‘you are called to do business, therefore go to fashion industry or beauty industry and God will prosper you’ – they are taking you to their kingdom; the kingdom of darkness.

The spirit of divination is used by Satan to exchange the Will of God in you with the Will of Satan thus destroying you and you work for Satan thinking you are ‘doing God’s work’.

They will come and tell you, ‘God wants you to go into business or get a job for He will prosper you’, while in reality you are called to preach the gospel not be in business or employment and vice-versa.

Spirit of divination leads people to practices of darkness like witchcraft, incantation or casting a spell, blood sacrifices, worship of idols, etc. Example;

They will tell you, ‘go pray Psalms this and that chapter upon yourself’ – that is incantation and witchcraft which will shut your doors and life. Or they tell you ‘go bring a white hen’, ‘go buy candles’, ‘bath in blood of a chicken’, ‘go to river and bath’, ‘bring this amount of money’, etc – these are witchcraft ways which invites demons, shut your doors and curse you.

When spirit of divination prophecies to you, it shuts your doors – you stay in stagnation until the day you are delivered. Darkness cannot give you light (Lk 6:39).

{This is not everything about spirit of divination and their foretelling – ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you more (John 16:13)}

  • Standing in the gap

Prophets and people with gift of prophecy are called to stand in the gap for people, nations, individuals, church, etc.

When God went to Abraham and revealed the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19), Abraham stood on the gap for the righteous in Sodom and Gomorrah and because of that, Lot was saved.

In many instances, Moses stood in the gap when God was angry even wanting to destroy the children of Israel and they were saved.

When God reveals through dreams and visions to people with gift of prophecy it is for them to stand in the gap not to go out prophecy calling themselves prophets. See the difference between a prophet and gift of prophecy.

A prophet has Power not gift of prophecy – he can go out to the world for battle at the same time stand in the gap. Gift of prophecy has no power, if it moves beyond church-walls, it is destroyed mostly exchanged with divination.

When God reveals to you something He is about to do, you have the responsibility to go before Him and intercede for that individual, people or nation.

In 2011 when God spoke for the first time of His Will to judge Kenya, I knew it is my responsibility to stand in the gap for the salvation of the righteous in Kenya.

Day and night God speaks to me about individuals, people, nations and many times I never tell the people or reveal it but run before God to stand in the gap for their salvation. Many times God has come wanting to judge people close to me because of their sins and when He reveals I know it is my responsibility to stand in the gap for them even without revealing to them.

I vividly remember the Passover night of 2017, God come about 3 o’clock in the night and revealed to me Satan, his demons and servants standing in the main roads of Kenya waiting for the night buses traveling long distance to shed blood and God said to me, ‘the life’s of this people are in your hands’.

I fought entire night with darkness, standing in gap for every life traveling that night in Kenya and when morning come, I heard heaven telling me that I have won the battle and those life’s saved – no accident happened that night.

That is the work of prophets, people with spirit of prophecy and those who dream dreams and see visions – to stand in the gap

Spirit of divination does not stand in the gap.

When you see them foretell of death, accidents, loosing of life, killings, destruction, etc, they sit down and watch them come to pass to run and write and tell of their prophecy fulfillment – they have no salvation power but death destruction and killing power (John 10:10).

Be careful with these people who only prophecy of deaths killings and destructions and all come to pass – that is spirit of divination. The spirit will never have a vision of hell, heaven, Armageddon, Rapture, etc but only deaths and destruction.

Though God reveals of death and destruction, those He has decreed He will tell you and reveal His Will but mostly are for you to stand in the gap. Reason a prophet of Jesus Christ may reveal death or destruction revealed to him but because He is standing in the gap for the people, it may take time (Grace prolonged) or not come to pass. Jonah’s mistake was to sit down and watch God destroy Nineveh instead of rising up and standing in the gap for Nineveh.

As servants of Jesus Christ, though God kills, we do not rejoice in killings and destructions but mourn as the Holy Spirit in us mourns but to the kingdom of darkness, this is their joy. We rejoice in salvation, deliverance, seeing people set free from torments and afflictions and demons cast out – that is our joy.

  • Lacks Power

Every person today with the spirit of divination calls themselves a prophet or prophetess. The difference between them and those of Jesus Christ is this;

Jesus Christ prophets have Power, anointing upon – to heal all kinds of diseases and sicknesses, cast out demons, set people free, deliver them in the name of Jesus, etc. They are followed by signs miracles and wonders (Mk 16:15-20).

Spirit of divination, prophets and prophetesses of spirit of divinations lack this power – they cannot cast out demons because a demon cannot cast out a demon nor heal deliver and set people free. Signs miracles and wonder are not following them.

When you go to them with a disease, affliction, etc, they take you to ways of witchcraft telling you pay this amount of money, or go bring a white cock, or go buy candles, pray this bible verses upon yourself, etc.

To Jesus Christ prophets, we do not prophecy you’re healing but through us Jesus heals you for every person who came to Jesus was healed (Mt 4:24, 15:30). See there is time to pray and time to run physically to Jesus Christ

  • Spirit of divination is for Self-gain

Spirit of divination is for self-gain; money, fame, wealth, recognition, glory, etc. They love titles ‘prophet’, ‘prophetess’, ‘king’, ‘queen’, etc. They are these you see calling themselves prophets and prophetess bragging and show-off in the name of being blessed.

Through kingdom of darkness doctrines like, prosperity gospel of hell, once saved always saved, motivation and inspiration, entertainment, give ‘god’ to give you, claim blessings, etc, combined with show-off in the name of blessings, they attract their prey and draw him/her to hell

In spirit of divination, it is demons who speak to people

Flee Spirit of divination – it is an abomination to Jesus Christ

Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand