4 Consequences of Sin

4 Consequences of Sin
4 Consequences of Sin

Sin has consequences. Pleasures of sin are sweet but the consequences are grievous.

Here are the 4 consequences of sin.

4 consequences of sin

1. Puts man under slavery

Sin holds man under its authority (captive), just as a child is under his parents or an army is under its commander.

It is viewed as a living, active, forceful and dynamic power that has man under its sway.

Sin is a slave and it puts man under slavery.

John 8:34 says, ‘Whoever commits sin is a slave of sin’.

Apostle Paul sees sin as a living and malignant power that at one time had complete reign over us. It had complete reign before we were born again, before our sins were washed away, and before Jesus Christ died on the cross.

To those still not born-again, sin has complete rule over them and they cannot in anyway overcome it.

Even after a person is converted, sin still struggles him/her mightily to retain its former dominion.

The unconverted are powerless to fight sin dominion to such an extent that sin dwells in them without resistance from the Spirit of God (The Holy Spirit). Talk about being brainwashed! Yes they are. So basic and pervasive is sin’s grip that it is not merely an external power but it has gotten into every fiber of our being.

2. Offense to God

All sins are an offense to God, leading to death.

Rom 6:23 for the wages of sin is death

Sins separate us from God

Isaiah 59:2 but your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

3. Death

Death does not mean only the physical death of our bodies but death of everything and all about us. Sin brings diseases, divorce, home breakage, separations, etc and all these sums up to death.

Do not except immediately to die (lose your life) when you sin but something so much important in your life will die (although there are sins which bring immediate loss of life).

A good example of death is when you go against the command and commit adultery. You will not die but the consequences will directly come upon you and something will have to die.

It can be your family breakage, separation, divorce, lose of property, diseases. etc.

Another example of death is when we worship other gods.

The Holy Spirit is clean and sinless, and He does not dwell where there is evil or with other gods. When worshiping other gods, He will move and leave you open to satanic attacks.

All sorts of satanic attacks will come and overpower you and this is the start of your death. Death of your businesses, body, soul and even your entire life.

God is life and so without Him you are a dead man walking.

4. Damnation

Apart from body death, there is the ultimate death.

The first death is death brought by the original sin; the Adam sin, but there is the second death.

We will all be resurrected after the first death like Jesus resurrected from the death but there are those who will die again. This is the second death when God judges them and they are damned forever; thrown in the lake of fire to burn forever.

More on this as I teach on rupture, resurrection and life after death.

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God bless