You shall not tempt the Lord your God

You shall not tempt God
You shall not tempt the Lord your God

You shall not tempt the Lord your God.

Deut 6:16: You shall not tempt the LORD your God

Do you tempt God

Mt 4:5-7: Then the devil took him up into the holy city, and settled him on a pinnacle of the temple, And said unto him, If you be the Son of God, cast yourself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time you dash you foot against a stone.

Jesus said unto him, It is written again, You shall not tempt the Lord you God.

The same way Jesus was directed by the devil (Satan) to tempt God, so Satan deceives us.

Being born-again (a Christian) does not hinder you from devilish attacks but instead you became the prime target of the devil.

You shall not tempt the Lord your God

How do we tempt God?

You know that by doing this thing, being here or there, being with this company of people or friends, trying this and that, you will fall into sin. But instead of keeping yourself away from those things, you choose to integer in them.

You know being in that environment, in that club even if you are not drinking alcohol is bad, but what do you do? You go in there.

You know watching that movie, pornography, listening to that music, is bad evil and demonic, and it will lead you to sin. But you choose to do it saying to yourself that you are strong and you will not fall into sin.

Eventually you find yourself drawn to pleasures of sin and before you realize, you are deeply consumed by sin.

Humanly speaking, we do not see anything wrong with allowing wrong thoughts in our minds. Often they are quite pleasurable and entertaining but eventually those sinful thoughts lead us into sin. The result is the trampling of God’s law.

Jesus Christ instructs us to disrupt that process before it gets started by not even allowing wrong thoughts in our minds.

If you see a temptation coming your way, what do you do? Do you run away, avoid it or get into it?

When we sin, the devil gets his way in us. He tells us that we have fallen and we cannot be forgiven. We have messed with God thus God does not need us. This voice of devil comes to every man the time s/he sins.

The devil makes you hopeless and depressed so that you can continue sinning. He tells you that God does not want you, He is not with you and you’re judged and condemned.

But the truth is, when we sin, God has not even moved a step from us. He is asking us to repent and move to purity again. God is always looking at us with His eyes of grace and mercy, always giving us His hand to hold on to.

Remember, where sin abounded, grace abounded all more (Rom: 5:20).

Hopeless is the opposite of holiness. The devil fights to make us hopeless so not to be holy

When we sin and repent, God forgives and forgets.

Forgetting means that He has completely forgotten and He cannot remember if you sinned. God is no a human being and He does not have a mind of a man who forgives but not forgets.  Read more in repentance.

When we sin, let us repent in truth and in spirit and God is merciful ready to forgive us. He only needs one prayer of repentance and He will hear and forgive you.

Do not go praying and repenting hundred times as though God does not hear. This is the devils plan to show you and me that God is not with us, He does not hear or listen and he does not need us.

After repenting, move on as though you have not sinned because God has done away with your sin and forgotten. Make a stand of faith that your sins are forgiven and forgotten and move on. Dust off very fast, rise up and continue walking.

Every man is a sinner and every man falls into sin but a Christian is the man who falls, repents and dusts himself/herself so fast and keeps walking.

Move closer to God again for an intimate relationship with Him. Do not allow the devil to nail you down with his plan.

You shall not tempt the Lord your God

God bless.