Testimony of a hand not attached to a body touching me

Testimony of a hand not attached to a body touching me
Testimony of a hand not attached to a body touching me

This is my testimony of a hand not attached to a body touching me. It is a testimony of how i learned I am a trinity created in the image and likeness of God.

Gen 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness

We are truly a trinity. We have the body, the soul and the spirit.

I did not differentiate the three inside me until Jesus Christ intervened as I struggled to know. This is how it was.

Testimony of a hand not attached to a body touching me

I was lying in bed when I saw a hand which was not attached to any body, moving coming to me. Before I could even think or act in any way, the hand touched me.

My body shook and trembled vigorous and I felt even my bed and my whole room and the ground shaking and trembling as though an earthquake was occurring.

I felt a current, like an electric current, move in my body faster than electric current but this current was neither shocking nor electrocuting me.

As this happened, my spirit and soul come out of my body to the space above the body near the roof of the room. I truly felt the coming out of my spirit and soul into space.

My spirit and soul being in space, I watched my body as it lied in the bed motionless like though dead. The eyes of my body were closed but I was seeing the body.

I saw all my body, how long, how short and every part of my body in details. I asked myself while in space, ‘is that me; Joshua? Is that the whole of my body?’

After all this, the hand appeared and touched my body in bed again as I watched in space.

My body shook and trembled as before as my spirit and soul moved back to the body. Immediately I opened my eyes to a shock that I was still lying in bed sweating and trembling.

I knelt beside my bed and  thanked Jesus Christ.

I realized I am a trinity. I have a body, a soul and a spirit which are all different from one another but one.

All glory to Him: Jesus Christ.

The trinity of man

Humans are a trinity; have the body, the soul and the spirit. 

  • The body is the material, the physical, the outer person.
  • The soul is the nonphysical aspect of a person: the complex of human attributes that manifests as consciousness, thought, feeling, and will, regarded as distinct from the physical body. The mind, emotions, thoughts all contribute to the soul.
  • The spirit is the life force of a person: the vital force that characterizes a human being as being alive. This is the inner being of a person.

God bless